TESDA Enrollment Procedure Steps in Applying for Assessment and Certification

IMPORTANT: TESDA Regional Training Centers and TESDA accredited schools may have different procedures depending on their assessment standards.

STEP 1: Visit any nearest TESDA Accredited Assessment Center or TESDA Regional Training Center.


STEP 2: Please bring the following documents for the assessment processing:

  • 1. Duly accomplished Assessment Application Form;
  • 2. Filled out Assessment Guide of your Training course you have chosen. (Properly with no erasures, use black ballpen)
  • 3. 3x Passport size I.D. with white background, use shirt with collar (please put your name and signature at the back of the photo)

STEP 3: Please bring and pay at the registrars office the assessment fee in order to get/ avail the admission slip and official receipt required for the NC examination.

STEP 4:Prepare all necessary requirements at the date of assessment, venue depends on the course assessor.

STEP 5: NC assessment depends in the training program of your choice, there will be a written examination and actual exam. Assessor will check your performance, All core competencies will be in the exam.

STEP 6: TESDA certification/ assessment passers have to apply for the certification, additional requirements may be requested from you depending from the Training Institute/ TVI’s you are studying.

STEP 7: National Certificate can be claimed after 7 days of application date. TESDA will give you the Certificate of Competency that can be used in any job related process.

Things to Remember:

1. National Certification or Certificate of Competency must be given directly to the passer, but you can request any person to be your representative to get the certification (please let your representative to present a Special Power of Attorney)

2. TESDA passer/ assessment applicant must bring the assessment result, TVI identification card and the official receipt.

3. Failure to comply to all the requirements are not tolerated, please bring all the necessary requirements.

4. Duplication or Falsification of all TESDA documents will result to disqualification and you will not be able to enroll in any TESDA accredited Training Institutes.

5. TVI’s require their passers to pay all back accounts/ unpaid fees.

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  4. Hi 4th year srudent here, BS Accountancy. Do I have to enroll in the short course of bookeeping still before I can take the exam?

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