Consumer Electronics Servicing NC IV TESDA Short Courses

Consumer Electronics Servicing NC IV is one of courses offered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. This is the continued training course of the CES NC III level. In this training program you will acquire the knowledge and other CES related competencies that will let you train Technician Supervisors.

You will also learn on how to use basic hand tools for your work area/ training area, calculation and mensuration, technical/ engineering draft interpretation, electrical wiring connection to PCB, CES products commissioning, service structure development, basic mobile phone repair procedure, appropriate usage of PPE for your own safety.

If you feel like competent/ ready to train Tesda students, you may enroll in TESDA Trainer Qualification Level 1 after you’ve passed this course.

Note: Taking up 3 to 4 TESDA Training courses will give you a higher chance to be hired as a Trainer.

Course duration (Training time that will be consumed): Consumer Electronics Servicing NC IV takes 176 hours to finish.

Requirements to apply as a Course Trainee:

1. Certificate of Birth (NSO copy)
2. 1×1 or 2×2 Photo ID (for record purposes)
3. High School Diploma
4. Police Clearance Certificate
5. Barangay Clearance Certificate
6. Good Moral Character Certificate or Honorable Dismissal

Job opportunities after the Program

Consumer Electronics Servicing NC IV assessment passers/ Certified may work in any field related like:

Besides applying as a TESDA Trainer, you can also apply as a CES Product Assembly/ Department Line Leader or Supervisor, Technician Supervisor in any Manufacturing Companies here in the Philippines. Qualified Applicants may work abroad. Several CES graduates that undergo an OJT program in Panasonic got the chance to be hired as a regular employee and transferred to Japan.

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