Tesda Is Offering Free Game Dev’t, Animation, And Other High-Tech Skills

Many Filipino aspirants and students are being deprived of proper education to pursue their passion because of the lack of income to finance their studies. Some of the, like John Kevin Lemen of Manila, settle to finishing other courses that are not related to what they really like.

Kevin is a previous multimedia arts student who dreams to become a programmer and build his own mobile and digital game someday. Because he couldn’t get enough funding for his studies, he decided to quit and apply for a call center job instead.

This is a sad case for most Filipinos. The lack of sufficient family income is the biggest hindrance to finish studies and get a suitable job a person wants. But, one good thing about the government is that they offer assistance to those who can’t afford to send themselves or their kids to school. There are programs like ALS and TESDA courses that can help students improve their education.

Although these two public programs are less comprehensive than the normal education you can get from a university, they are still the best alternatives.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, also known as TESDA, is known to offer vocational skills in housekeeping, bookkeeping, baking, and so on. It has contributed a lot to the educational success of students who can’t afford to pay for a college degree.

Now that there are more skills and talents needed in the labor market, TESDA is offering free game development, animation, and other high-tech skills to aspirants who want to study more about technological skills.

If you have been looking into this program but don’t have enough money to get a complete 4-year course, this is your chance to grab the opportunities TESDA has recently opened.

Some of the other high-tech skills offered by TESDA are:

1. Game programming.
2. Electrical installation and maintenance.
3. Animation, and mechatronics.

According to Emil Mendoza, a programming instructor, the future is bright and there are more opportunities related to technology. The smartphones and gaming industries continue to expand and Filipinos can use it as an advantage to look for a better paying job.

The high-tech skills programs are equivalent to National Certificate (NC) 3.

Applicants are required to have NC 2 before they can apply for these programs. The administrative officer of TESDA HRDI also recommends that students need to make sure that they can finish the program and not take it for more than 6 months.


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