List of Top 10 Courses In-demand in TESDA

Most of the in-demand jobs abroad are for highly-skilled workers. Thankfully, the government offers free training courses for Overseas Filipino Workers through the Technical Education and Skill Development Authority (TESDA).

Recently, TESDA Director –General Guiling Mamondiong shared the most in-demand training and vocational courses last year. Most in-demand skills are in construction, information and communications technology, tourism, agri-fisheries, and health and wellness industries.

List of Top 10 Courses In-demand in TESDA Studies

Based on data from TESDA, here were the ten most popular courses in with the number of enrollees who were able to complete the program.

1: Shielded metal arc welding (course II) – 52,650 enrollees
2: Cookery – 51,083 enrollees
3: Food and beverage service – 50,646 enrollees
4: Bread and pastry production – 47,728 enrollees
5: Housekeeping – 43,993 enrollees
6: Electrical installation and maintenance – 35,824 enrollees
7: shielded metal arc welding (course I) – 27,839
8: Computer systems servicing – 24,468 enrollees
9: Bookkeeping – 23,569 enrollees
10: Contact center services – 23,228 enrollees

High school and college graduates and unemployed individuals can take advantage of these courses to land a job abroad. Those who were able to complete a course can then take the assessment exam given by TESDA. If they are able to successfully pass the exam, they will be given the National Certificate (NC) which represents the seal of excellence from the educational agency.

Meanwhile, it is shared that Director General Joel Villanueva said that Qatar, Canada, and United States need pipe fitters. Welders are much needed in Malaysia.

Filipino barbers and hairstylists are also in-demand in the United States, Middle East, and Brunei. Japan is in need of workers such as agriculture crops production, sewers/tailors, carpenters, caregivers and factory workers. Those who completed the Housekeeping course may apply in numerous job openings in Honking.

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